Equity in collaborative learning

Interactions in the physics classroom are shaped by society's perspectives on race/ethnicity and gender, which can put traditionally underserved groups at a disadvantage.
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6 Lessons
Episode Soft bed University of Maryland
Should I choose physics tasks that connect to everyday life? Promoting equity Pressure STEM-wide audiences
Episode Scratched University of Maryland
How can instructors avoid reinforcing social stereotypes? Promoting equity Newton's laws Instructor Interaction STEM-wide audiences
Episode Sparks University of Maryland
What is there to learn from students that don't talk much? Attending to student ideas Electrostatics STEM-wide audiences
Episode If you disagree Seattle Pacific University
What are some of the gender dynamics that occur in science classes? Promoting equity Newton's laws STEM-wide audiences
Episode Pinewood derby Western Washington University
Episode Keep arguing Florida International University
How can I assess group work in a way that is equitable? Promoting equity Instructor Interaction STEM-wide audiences