What ideas do TAs expect students to have about acceleration?

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Episode 601: I've learned more Texas State University

Part of preparing to teach physics is familiarizing yourself with the ideas that your students are likely to have, so that you can recognize and respond to them productively. What ideas do teaching assistants expect students to have about acceleration?

September 21, 2019

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Attending to student ideas
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Sample Discussion Prompts

  1. What do you notice in this episode? Talk to a neighbor about what you noticed.
  2. In line 4, Lars (an experienced teaching assistant) wonders whether students will think the change-in-velocity vector while the ball is moving downward is opposite the velocity vector, instead of having the same direction.
    1. What rationale does Dustin offer for this possible student answer?
    2. What rationale does Lars suggest he has seen students offer for this answer?
    3. What relevant experience has Beau had with this issue?
  3. What is Dustin’s question in line 36? Restate what you see him asking in your own words.
  4. What is Ava’s answer to Dustin’s question? What do you think it is about her answer that is helpful to Dustin?
  5. 5.What ideas do teaching assistants expect students to have about acceleration?

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