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Adaptable Curricular Exercises (ACE) for Quantum Information Science (QIS)

Our goals for this site are to provide adaptable resources to support faculty, including those very new to these topics, who wish to add some student-centered, research-based QIS instruction to your classes.  

We have materials for two different audiences, depending on the type of course you teach.  

QM Course: Are you teaching quantum mechanics in a physics department to (mostly) majors, and want to add a short unit on quantum information (e.g. quantum computing or cryptography) within your course?

QIS Course:
Are you teaching a quantum computing/QIS course to a diverse population of students (e.g. computer science, physics, engineering, math...), and want to support students in the basic quantum mechanics needed?
(These materials are under development)

And: if you teach undergraduate quantum mechanics to physics students and are looking for a suite of student-centered materials to help you with the entire QM course, please visit our Adaptable curricular materials for Quantum Mechanics site.