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If you modify the concept tests, QuILTs or reflective homework while applying them in your classes, please send us a copy so we can update the contents accordingly. We will organize and list the modified versions of different institution on the QuILT Beta website so that instructors from different schools can select the suitable materials. We greatly appreciate your help in improving the tutorials for quantum mechanics!

Concept Tests

The concept tests for quantum mechanics can be downloaded below. The order of the concept tests is based on the textbook of Griffiths. However, the concept tests are compatible with other QM textbooks.

Quantum Mechanics 1

Quantum Mechanics 2

Developed QuILTs

Here are the QuILTs we have developed so far. The simulation programs (.jar file) may need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run. (Click here to download the JRE) Some of the QuILTs have already be packaged in one jar file. For these packaged QuILTs, you can directly click the link in the jar file to release the documents (pdf files) such as pre/post tests or tutorials. Note that the pdf files will be released to the same folder as the jar file. So if you burn the jar file on a CD, the documents may not show up after you click the links in the file since there is no free space in the CD folder.

The readme file (PDF) contains the instructions on using QuILTs and the related references

Uncertainty Principle Part 1 and Part 2

Possible Wavefunction

Bound & Scattering States and Drawing Bound/Scattering states

Time Development

Dirac Notation QuILT and supplement

Mach Zehnder Interferometer QuILT and supplement

Double Slit Experiment QuILT and supplement

Quantum Key Distribution QuILT

Product Space QuILT

Identical Particles

Degenerate Perturbation Theory

Packaged Quilts

Quantum Measurement

Stern Gerlach Experiment

Larmor Precession

Quantum Mechanics Survey

The Quantum Mechanics Survey is a 31-item multiple-choice test used to explore the conceptual difficulties that undergradutate and graduate students have with quantum mechanics.

Get the QMS Survey

Quantum Mechanics Formalism and Postulates Survey (QMFPS)

The Quantum Mechanics Formalism and Postulates Survey is a 34-item multiple-choice test used to explore student difficulties with the formalism and postulates of quantum mechanics.

Get the QMFPS Survey

Reflective Homework

The Reflective Homework is a set of open-ended questions helps students to review the contents learned in the undergraduate quantum mechanics course.

Reflective Homework 1-6

Reflective Homework 7-12

* QuILT is supported by the National Science Foundation.
** Some simulations used in QuILT are adapted from opensourcephysics.org and PhET.
We are grateful to Dr. Wolfgang and Dr. Belloni for helping us integrating the opensourcephysics simulations into QuILT.
We also thank PhET team for the helpful interactive simulations in quantum mechanics.