PhysPort features two collections of video workshops that you can use for:

  • training teaching assistants (TAs) or learning assistants (LAs) to use best practices in teaching physics
  • professional development for other faculty in instructional best practices
  • learning to use research-based teaching in your own classes

Periscope: Looking into Learning

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What is Periscope?

A collection of lessons for faculty and LAs/TAs to:

  • watch and discuss videos of best-practices physics classrooms
  • apply lessons learned to actual teaching situations
  • practice interpreting student behavior
  • become more effective teachers

Virtual New Faculty Workshop

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What is the Virtual New Faculty Workshop?

Videos of presentations from the live Workshop for New Faculty in Physics and Astronomy feature:

  • leaders in physics education research and curriculum development
  • teaching techniques proven to work in many environments
  • cutting-edge developments in physics/astronomy curriculum and pedagogy