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How do I help students engage productively in active learning classrooms?

by Stephanie Chasteen, University of Colorado Boulder
If you incorporate active-learning strategies into your teaching, you may find that students don't automatically embrace this new learning approach. What are research-based recommendations for motivating students to engage? This is the introduction to a series of recommendations discussing strategies to support student engagement.  INTRODUCTION.

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engagement, active learning, productive engagement


Best practices for whiteboarding in the physics classroom

by Sam McKagan and Daryl McPadden
Whiteboards are an indispensable tool that physicists use to work out ideas individually and collaboratively, and to present those ideas, both for public discussion and critique of tentative ideas and for communication of more fully formed ideas. In this recommendation, we offer guidance for how to use whiteboarding effectively in your classroom.

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whiteboarding, best practices, SCALE-UP, Modeling Instruction

What if I get low student evaluations, or hear complaints about active learning?

by Stephanie Chasteen, University of Colorado Boulder
While active resistance among students is relatively rare, sometimes students do complain about active learning techniques. This ninth chapter of our student engagement series focuses on addressing some common student complaints in active learning classrooms. CHAPTER 9: STUDENT COMPLAINTS

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engagement, complaint, active learning, productive engagement

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