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How can I get students to have productive discussions of clicker questions?

by Jenny Knight and Sarah Wise, University of Colorado - Boulder
Clicker questions are increasingly being used to stimulate student discussion and provide faculty and students with timely feedback. Research suggests that discussing clicker questions can lead to increased student learning, and that students exchanging constructive criticism can generate conceptual change.
What can you do as an instructor to encourage all students to have…

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clickers, cooperative groups, active learning, teaching, best practices, peer instruction


How can I design (or find) a good group activity for physics students?

by Joshua Von Korff, Georgia State University
I want to give my students something to work on in groups, but what should they work on? I know that researchers have created many physics activities, but I don't know what I'm looking for. What does a good activity look like? OR, I'm really excited about inventing my own labs or worksheets to give students, but I don't know how to design an activity.

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teaching, active learning, cooperative groups

How can I teach a graduate class on the basics of physics education research?

by Sam McKagan, PhysPort Director
Several leaders in physics education research (PER) have put together "Intro to PER" courses for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. If you are teaching a course like this, this collection of course websites and syllabi contains lots of good ideas for what to do in your course.

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