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What makes research-based teaching methods in physics work?

by Sam McKagan, PhysPort Director
The PhysPort Teaching Methods pages contain guides to over 50 "PER-based teaching methods."  We define "teaching method" in the broadest possible sense, to include curricula, techniques, resources, tools, and reform strategies.  We use "PER-based teaching method" as a synonym for "interactive engagement" or "active learning" method. …

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Which observation protocols are available online?

by Cassandra Paul and Adrian Madsen
Several observation protocols are available on the General Observation and Reflection Platform (GORP). GORP is a secure web-based platform that allows users to customize existing observation protocols, (and create their own protocols), in order to simplify data collection and sharing.

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Observation protocol, online tools, assessment

What if I get low student evaluations, or hear complaints about active learning?

by Stephanie Chasteen, University of Colorado Boulder
While active resistance among students is relatively rare, sometimes students do complain about active learning techniques. This ninth chapter of our student engagement series focuses on addressing some common student complaints in active learning classrooms. CHAPTER 9: STUDENT COMPLAINTS

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