Student Participation Observation Tool (SPOT)

Developed by Katrina Roseler, Cara H. Theisen, & Cassandra A. Paul

Purpose To allow and observer to classify instructor and student actions in the classroom, with an emphasis on types of student participation.
Format Observation protocol
Focus Teaching
Level Graduate, Upper-level, Intermediate, Intro college, High school, Middle school

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K. Roseler, C. Paul, M. Felton, and C. Theisen, Observable Features of Active Science Education Practices, J. Coll. Sci. Teaching 47 (6), 83 (2018).
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Bronze Validation
This is the third highest level of research validation, corresponding to at least 3 of the validation categories below.

Research Validation Summary

Based on Research Into:

  • Classroom behavior

Studied Using:

  • Iterative observations
  • Inter-rater reliability
  • Training materials

Research Conducted:

  • At multiple institutions
  • By multiple research groups
  • Peer-reviewed publication


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Note that much of the documentation on SPOT is based on a pilot version of the tool. The developers caution that this version does have a few bugs, and will not be updated.