Flight Physics Concept Inventory (FliP-CoIn)

Developed by Florian Genz & Kathleen Ann Falconer

Purpose To assess students’ qualitative understanding of basic concepts in flight physics, fluid dynamics and aviation.
Format Multiple-choice
Duration 25 min
Focus Mechanics Content knowledge (Flight physics concepts, drag, stall, angle of attack, center of mass, lift, streamline properties)
Level Upper-level, Intermediate, Intro college
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License: CC-BY 4.0 Florian Genz

FliP-CoIn Implementation and Troubleshooting Guide

Everything you need to know about implementing the FliP-CoIn in your class.

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F. Genz and K. Falconer, Naïve concepts of aerodynamic lift – data lessons from different (learning) cultures, presented at the Physics Education Research Conference 2021, Virtual Conference, 2021.
External Resources

FliP-CoIn developer's website: https://flip-coin.uni-koeln.de

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Silver Validation
This is the second highest level of research validation, corresponding to at least 5 of the validation categories below.

Research Validation Summary

Based on Research Into:

  • Student thinking

Studied Using:

  • Student interviews
  • Expert review
  • Appropriate statistical analysis

Research Conducted:

  • At multiple institutions
  • By multiple research groups
  • Peer-reviewed publication

The scope of the instrument was determined through expert interviews and the questions were refined based on expert feedback. The multiple choice responses were determined through student interviews, expert review, the literature and the developers teaching experience. Several rounds of think-aloud and focus group interviews with students were used to ensure the questions were understood as intended. In the final piloting study of over 270 university, students finished the survey without missing a single question. An item analysis resulted in a robust internal reliability (Chronbach α = .81) of the final questions and gave insights to item difficulty. 


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Typical Results

Results from the pilot study using FliPCoIn version 1.3, including three datasets (DS1-3) with n=410 students and n=274 finishers (those who answered all questions). Results include the demographics of those in the study as well as the average (AV), median (MD) and standard deviation (SD) of the scores (Points). Results for individual FlipCoIn items from the same study are also shown below. Question 3 is an example item and question 10 is not scored.


The latest version of the FliP-CoIn, released in 2023, is version 1.3. For a full-service online implementation contact Florian Genz via flip-coin@uni-koeln.de. Longer versions with more questions exist. A shorter and simplified version for High School (grades 8-12) is in progress.