Survey of Thermodynamic Processes and First and Second Laws (long) (STPFaSL-long)

Developed by Benjamin Brown and Chandralekha Singh

Purpose To measure the effectiveness of traditional and/or research-based techniques of teaching the first and second laws of thermodynamics and thermodynamic processes.
Format Pre/post, Multiple-choice
Duration 50 min
Focus Thermal / Statistical Content knowledge (PV diagrams, reversible processes, irreversible processes, first law of thermodynamics, second law of thermodynamics)
Level Upper-level, Intermediate, Intro college
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Research-based Validation
This is the lowest level of research validation, corresponding to at least one of the validation categories below.

Research Validation Summary

Based on Research Into:

  • Student thinking

Studied Using:

  • Student interviews
  • Expert review
  • Appropriate statistical analysis

Research Conducted:

  • At multiple institutions
  • By multiple research groups
  • Peer-reviewed publication

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The STPFASL-long contains the same 19 question contexts as the STPFASL-short, but the STPFASL-long splits most questions into several sub-questions where each asks about only one thing, e.g., one thermodynamic variable. 


Survey of Thermodynamic Processes and First and Second Laws (short)

Content knowledge Thermal / Statistical (first law of thermodynamics, second law of thermodynamics, PV diagrams, reversible processes, irreversible processes)
Intro college
Pre/post, Multiple-choice