How can I show care for my students?

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Episode 311: Still love us Seattle Pacific University

We have all had the experience of a caring teacher whose relationship with us enhanced our learning experience. How can we show care for our students, especially those who are young adults?

July 2, 2018

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Relating to students
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Newton's laws
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Sample Discussion Prompts

  1. What did you observe in this episode? Talk to your partners about what you saw.

  2. The first few lines of this episode are lighthearted, but point to an established relationship between Lionel and these students. What seem to be some features of this relationship?

  3. In explaining his “neglect” of these students, Lionel recounts his mother saying, “I love most the child that needs me the most at that time.” Who does Lionel “love most” today? What is the implication about this group of students, if any?

  4. Lionel invites the students to share their experience with him in lines 7 and 11. What do you notice about the questions that he asks?

  5. Where do you observe the students showing care for each other in this episode? 

  6. Did the five participants miss any opportunities to show care for each other?

  7. What are some ways to show care for our students that are suggested by this episode?

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