Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE)

Teaching materials

You can download many materials for teaching ISLE, including a complete ISLE Laboratory Program (for algebra- and calculus-based physics), a set of ISLE Video Experiments, and a set of higher-level thinking formative assessment activities and rubrics from the ISLE website.

ISLE activities are also available through the following textbooks:

  • E. Etkina, G. Planinsic, and A. Van Heuvelen, College Physics: Explore and Apply, (Pearson, New York, 2019): A textbook based on ISLE that will guide you through the ISLE process step-by-step, offer lots of real-life applications, examples of problem solving, and non-traditional problems. Includes a FREE instructor guide.
  • E. Etkina, D. Brookes, G. Planinsic, and A. Van Heuvelen, Active Learning Guide (ALG), (Pearson, New York, 2019): A FREE set of activities and problems that can be used in lectures, recitations, labs, and homework for concept construction, testing and applications.
  • E. Etkina, D. Brookes, G. Planinsic, and A. Van Heuvelen, Instructor Resource Materials, (Pearson, New York, 2019): A FREE instructor guide that lists general and content specific learning objectives for each chapter, describes common student difficulties, lists non-traditional problems, explains the logic of the material flow, the nuances of representations and language we use; it provides suggestions for instructors related to the sequence and implementation of the activities, student difficulties and cues the instructors on where the activities should be used.

Here are sample activities on electromagnetic induction and circular motion.