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Administering research-based assessments online

by Adrian Madsen & Sam McKagan, PhysPort Assistant Director & Director
An overview of ways to administer research-based assessments online. Includes general guidelines and details about platforms for administering specific assessments including the FCI, FMCE, BEMA, CSEM, PCA, SOSESC-P, EMCS, CLASS, LSCI, E-CLASS, PLIC, FliP-CoIn, and MBT.
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assessment, concept inventories, best practices, online tools

Where can I find good questions to use with clickers or Peer Instruction?

by Sam McKagan, PhysPort director
Many research-based teaching methods in physics, including Peer Instruction, CAE Think-Pair-Share, Technology Enhanced Formative Assessment, and teaching with clickers, involve having your students discuss and answer multiple-choice conceptual questions. A challenge of using these methods is finding and writing good questions. This recommendation helps you find and write questions for your class.
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Peer Instruction, CAE Think-Pair-Share, Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment, clickers

Which beliefs and attitudes research-based assessment should I use in my class?

by Adrian Madsen, Sarah B. McKagan, Eleanor C. Sayre, and Cassandra A. Paul
This article discusses and compares 9 research-based assessments about students' beliefs and attitudes, 2 assessments about the nature of science and 3 assessments about self-efficacy in physics.
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assessment, concept inventories, beliefs and attitudes, nature of science, self-efficacy

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