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Strategies and resources for teaching your physics course online on short notice

by Chandralekha Singh, University of Pittsburgh
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us teaching physics as well as those teaching other subjects in face-to-face brick-and-mortar classrooms have suddenly found themselves in an unprecedented situation: the rest of the term should immediately transition to a completely online format! Here I outline some strategies and resources that can help you and your colleagues.
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COVID-19, online tools

I suddenly have to move my face-to-face physics/astronomy course online! What should I do?

by Linda Strubbe and Sam McKagan, PhysPort
In the wake of COVID-19, many faculty are being asked to quickly shift their classes online. We are sharing with you ideas and resources that align with research-based pedagogical principles, research-validated resources for teaching online, and ideas that colleagues are trying as they make this transition.
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COVID-19, online tools

How can I maintain sensemaking when moving my class from in-person to online?

by Andrew Elby (he/him) and Ayush Gupta (he/him, they/them)
While switching your in-person, active-learning physics classroom to an online environment, how can you navigate technical and curricular issues in a kind and humane way? We argue for devoting some of your remaining bandwidth to this issue: helping students continue to frame their "in-class" activity as sense-making.
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sensemaking, COVID-19, online tools

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