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Where can I find good questions to use with clickers or Peer Instruction?

September 26, 2016 by Sam McKagan, PhysPort director

Many research-based teaching methods in physics, including Peer Instruction, CAE Think-Pair-Share, Technology Enhanced Formative Assessment, and teaching with clickers, involve having your students discuss and answer multiple-choice conceptual questions. A challenge of using these methods is finding and writing good questions. This recommendation helps you find and write questions for your class.

Peer Instruction,  CAE Think-Pair-Share,  Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment,  clickers

Where can I find good activities for small group discussions?

September 26, 2016 by Sam McKagan, PhysPort director

Nearly all research-based teaching methods in physics involve some kind of small group discussions of challenging conceptual activities. Finding good activities is an important component of making small group discussions work in your class. This recommendation includes links to collections where you can find activities to use in your class.

active learning,  cooperative groups,  SCALE-UP,  Peer Instruction,  CAE Think-Pair-Share,  Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment,  clickers

Which polling method should I use for Peer Instruction?

February 10, 2016 by Sam McKagan, PhysPort Director

Several research-based teaching methods, including Peer Instruction, CAE Think/Pair/Share, and Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment, involve asking students to discuss and answer multiple-choice conceptual questions in class. There are at least three methods of collecting students’ answers to these questions: clickers, flashcards, and show of hands. Lasry…

clickers,  flashcards,  Peer Instruction,  CAE Think-Pair-Share,  Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment,  active learning