Teaching Methods and Materials

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Student Skills DevelopedDifferent methods are designed to achieve different goals in the classroom. Select the student skills that you think are most important for your students to develop in order to find the teaching methods most closely aligned with your goals. Any
Instructor Effort RequiredA rough estimate of the time, skill, and creativity required of the instructor in order to implement this method effectively. Any
Research Validation

The level of research validation for a teaching method is determined by how many of the following categories of research have been done on the method:

Categories of research validation:

Based on Research Into:

  • theories of how students learn
  • student ideas about specific topics
Demonstrated to Improve:
  • conceptual understanding
  • problem-solving skills
  • lab skills
  • beliefs and attitudes
  • attendance
  • retention of students
  • success of underrepresented groups
  • performance in subsequent classes
Studied using:
  • cycle of research and redevelopment
  • student interviews
  • classroom observations
  • analysis of written work
  • research at multiple institutions
  • research by multiple groups
  • peer-reviewed publication

Research Validation Levels:

  • Gold Star: both "based on" categories, at least 4 "demonstrated to improve" categories, at least 5 "studied using" categories
  • Silver: at least 1 "based on" categories, at least 2 "demonstrated to improve" categories, at least 4 "studied using" categories
  • Bronze: 3 at least 1 "based on" categories, at least 1 "demonstrated to improve" category, at least 1 "studied using" category
  • Research-Based: at least 1 validation category

Resources Needed

62 Research-Based Methods

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